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Canna was founded by Andrew Tamplin. With 20 years experience working in the corporate world in the UK and overseas leading large multi functional teams, in sales, operations, HR, people and leadership development - Andrew realised the increasing need for quality, tailored coaching, mentoring and leadership solutions for both individual and organisations alike.


The opportunity of making this dream a reality came when Andrew had to make some challenging, and difficult personal life choices after suffering a mental breakdown. This life changing event, gave Andrew the motivation to make the change.  His recovery coincided and was hugely supported by being able to help others through coaching, mentoring and talking openly about his challenges. 


Today, Canna provides a suite of mentoring and coaching services, delivers mental health & wellbeing training for organisations and support leaders in their professional development. Andrew talks from the heart, he has lived and breathed the roles of senior leadership and has also as battled (and is winning) a mental health challenge. 



We have some exciting course to support individuals and organisations across Leadership, Wellbeing and Mental Health in the workplace.

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Wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. This approach gives us a core focus on confidence, mental health and engagement of individuals & organisations. We deliver these in distinct ways.

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